March 25, 2016

SMS Aggregator

SMS Aggregator Service – Send Text through IS without a modem!

Using Internet Based texting services and our SMS Relay server running on a High Availability Server Cluster. We are able to process both inbound and outbound text messages from Amtelco’s IS application. With the capacity to process up to 15 messages per second per DID. Local DID(s) are available in most US and Canada locations.

High Availability

Our services run on a High Availability Cluster to limit possible down time to our texting service solution.

Help when you need it

Our help desk is available when you need us. Only a phone call away with emergency level service for off hours support.

Quick Message Delivery

Your message will be sent out over the internet to our relay servers. No single modem bottleneck or throttling.

Less to worry about

Our services run over your existing internet connection! No need to maintain your own modem.

Your own telephone number

We provide a DID specific to your business. No shared short code or number. No need to worry about another company using your number or short code.

Reporting and Monitoring

We maintain a test and monitoring site where you can verify our services are working OR verify a message was sent or received, right from your PC.